Zest Active FAQs

Zest Active is a super supplement scientifically formulated with 25 active ingredients including vitamins, minerals, amino acids and Beta Glucans, all carefully selected to support energy, the brain, muscle function and the immune

Designed for fitness enthusiasts, the health conscious, and people with busy lifestyles.

It works by supplementing the body with the essential nutrients required by the body, in addition to a healthy and balanced diet.

We recommend that you take one sachet per day mixed with 250–300 ml water first thing in the morning on an empty stomach.

Zest Active is so much more than a multi-vitamin, it’s a Super Supplement. What
makes it different to other products is not just its powder format and convenient sachets. It is down to the unique formulation of vitamins and
minerals combined with other nutrients such as Beta Glucans, Taurine, L-Theanine and L-Lysine. It is free from fillers, binders, preservatives, artificial
colours, caffeine and other stimulants, and its powdered formula supports more
effective nutrient delivery.

Zest Active has a natural zesty orange flavour and contains the natural sweetener steviol glycosides.

Yes, there is no problem in taking Zest Active if you have diabetes. But as diabetes is a medical condition, a person before taking any food supplement, should consult with a qualified health professional first.

Steviol Glycosides is the sweetener we use, this is a natural sweetener derived from the plant Stevia rebaudiana and has been used for many years as a natural sweetener, particularly in South America.


Yes, Zest Active is gluten free.

Please seek the advice from a qualified health professional before taking Zest Active, if pregnant.

Please seek the advice of a qualified health professional before taking Zest Active, if breast feeding.

Please seek advice from a qualified health professional before taking Zest Active, if taking medication.

Zest Active is Keto friendly. You should take your Zest Active with water as opposed to in a smoothie or fruit juice and should take it just before one of your

As long as you take Zest Active with water and not a juice or a smoothie, you are
perfectly able to take it anytime, it does not have to be in your eating window. The calorific value of Zest Active is 6 kcal, so is negligible in the scheme of things. If, however, you were to have your Zest Active in a smoothie or with a full sugar drink or fruit juice, I would take it within my eating

Elite athletes can safely take our product as each batch has been tested against WADA prohibited substance list and found to contain no prohibited substances. All testing is carried out independently of Revive Active

Revive Active and Zest Active are both suitable for adults aged 18 and over, however, Revive Active is tailored for those over the age of 35 as it contains additional ingredients targeted at heart health. Zest Active unlike Revive Active, contains an additional ingredient Beta Glucans, along with the eight other ingredients that contribute to the normal function of the immune system - Zinc, Copper, Folate, Selenium Vitamins B12, B6, C, and D.

Both products contain similar ingredients that contribute to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, ingredients such as Vitamins C, B12 and B6to name but a few but Revive Active contains CoQ10 which is critical for cellular energy and depletes naturally as we age. To summarise, Revive Active is tailored to suit the healthy aging demographic, whereas Zest Active is targeted more to a younger age demographic who are trying to juggle a busy work schedule, daily fitness regime and an active social life.