Ralph Street

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Born and bred in the lively streets of London, I now call the tranquil city of Oslo my home and workplace.

Ralph Street

My journey into the world of orienteering began in my early years, accompanying my parents to races across the countryside. It was amidst these adventures that I discovered my love for the sport, drawn to the excitement of navigating through nature and discovering hidden checkpoints. Those early experiences instilled in me a lasting passion for the great outdoors and the challenges it presents.

Today, that passion still burns brightly. Whether it's the rush of adrenaline from conquering rugged terrain or the sense of accomplishment from finding the perfect route, orienteering continues to captivate me. There's something incredibly rewarding about pushing myself to the limits, both physically and mentally and knowing that I'm exploring places most people never venture into.

Throughout my career, I've had the privilege of achieving some significant milestones. From securing a prestigious World Cup win to two fourth places at the European Championships and a relay silver medal from the World Championships.

While recent injuries have posed their challenges, I'm determined to overcome them and make a strong comeback. With a packed schedule ahead, including potential events in Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Italy, Hungary and Finland, I'm eager to once again test my skills on the international stage.

Outside of the orienteering world, I find joy in a variety of hobbies and interests. Whether it's cheering on my favourite sports teams, immersing myself in gaming or indulging in a binge-worthy TV series.

I’m delighted to be a brand ambassador for Revive Active. As a Team GB athlete, I rely on my physical strength and endurance to navigate through challenging terrains and competitions. The support Zest Active and Joint Complex offer to my energy levels, immunity and joints has been invaluable, allowing me to push myself further.

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