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Does life feel like a whirlwind? Here’s one mum-of-two’s story about how she keeps on top of it all. 

Life can sometimes feel like a whirlwind for Sophie, a 40-year-old, busy working mum of two and a home to keep on top of. 

Whether it’s rushing from work to get the kids to training on time, squeezing in an extra load of laundry, or planning nutritious meals for the family, the responsibility of maintaining the household and ensuring her family's wellbeing falls largely on her shoulders. 

Sophie likes to serve meals that are not only quick and easy but packed with goodness. Not so long ago, she discovered the benefits of batch cooking, and most Sunday evenings can be found cooking up a storm of delicious meals that simplify weekday meal times. 

Despite her best efforts to encourage her kids to “eat a rainbow” of diverse and nutritious foods, she struggles with her youngest’s preference for bland and beige; still, she does her best to find clever ways to sneak in colourful fruits and vegetables when she has the chance. 

Sophie works hard to do the best for her family, but she knows that if she gets sick, everything grinds to a halt. 

Sophie Chooses Revive Active for Wellness and Vitality 

That’s why she chooses Revive Active, to help power her family’s wellness and vitality and to give her the confidence to maintain her A-game. Scientifically formulated to support the immune system, energy levels and reduce fatigue, Revive Active also contains key ingredients such as 3,000mg of L-Arginine and 150mg of CoQ10 for which Sophie recently learned naturally depletes in the body as we age. 

As decision maker for the family’s day-to-day needs, she also purchases Revive Active products for her kids and partner. 


What Supplement Does Sophie Give Her 10 Year Old? 

Her ten-year-old boy is a picky eater, and often struggles with the flavour and texture of different fruits and vegetables, and meat and fish. 

Sophie worries about her son’s nutrient intake and especially whether he has enough to support his growing body. 

That’s why she relies on the Junior Revive supplement, an unflavoured sachet that can easily be added to drinks, yogurts or water, to ensure that even on days of selective eating, her son gets the essential support he needs for his heart, brain, bones, and immune system. 


What about Sophie’s Teenager? 

Sophie is just as concerned about making sure her 15-year-old daughter gets the nutrition she needs. 

An avid hockey player, she thinks she might like to be a physio one day and is taking her exams this year very seriously. 

Sophie supplements her diet with Teen Revive, which is formulated for 13-18 year olds and is now available in a tropical flavoured sachet that is mixed with water for a tasty drink, and it is now an integral part of her teen's daily routine. 


 Why Does Sophie’s Husband Take Zest Active? 

Sophie’s husband has a keen interest in health and fitness too; not only does he work in healthcare, but he enjoys running and when his schedule permits, he likes to take part in road races. 

Sophie supports her husband’s demanding schedule with Zest Active, a super supplement specially designed for people aged 18 to 35 who like to work and play hard. 

To the outside world, Sophie manages her busy schedule effortlessly, and many wonder how she does it. 

Yet Sophie wonders how she would do it all without Revive Active’s tailored nutritional supplements, with one for everyone from four years and up. 

The power of one daily sachet not only assures Sophie that she and her family can face each day with confidence, but embrace every opportunity with enthusiasm and give it their very best shot. 

To find out more about the Revive Active products Sophie chooses for her family, and other products in the Revive Active range, click here now.  

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