Farzanah Nasser

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Nourishing Health with Farzanah Nasser and Revive Active!
Farzanah Nasser in her kitchen with her Revive Active Supplements


We are thrilled to announce our collaboration with nutritionist Farzanah Nasser. Farzanah Nasser’s dedication to addressing the root causes of health issues aligns seamlessly with Revive Active's commitment to Positivity, Purity and Power as a way of life, by enhancing wellbeing through innovative nutritional supplements. 

Farzanah's Journey to Holistic Wellness was inspired by her own health struggles, Farzanah has made it her mission to empower those facing Gut, immune and hormonal imbalance. From overcoming her own battles with Gut Health, PCOS, and Autoimmunity, she transitioned from Investment Banking to become a beacon of hope in the realm of Nutrition and Functional Medicine. Farzanah's evidence-based approach, rooted in addressing the root cause has transformed lives. Her mission aligns perfectly with Revive Active commitment to empowering wellness through our Super Supplements. 

Farzanah incorporates our supplements into her daily routine. Revive Active's commitment to 'food first' approach aligns seamlessly with Farzanah's philosophy, emphasizing the importance of nourishing the body with wholesome foods. Revive Active supplements serve as valuable additions, ensuring the synergy between nutrition, lifestyle, and supplementation. 

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