Sherna Malone, Skin Specialist

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“No matter what stage of perimenopause or menopause you are at, Meno Active from Revive Active is a game-changer." 

Sherna Malone, Skin Specialist & Meno Active Brand Ambassador speaks about her experience of using Meno Active.  

"Tiredness, mood fluctuations, thinning hair, and drier skin - especially on my body, were just some of the changes I began to experience in my late 40’s. Having been a huge fan of Revive Active Beauty Complex and its innovative science-backed formula when looking for a supplement to ease my menopause, I turned to their menopause super supplement Meno Active after it first launched in July 2021.

I'm all about the science and the formula (especially when it comes to skincare), so the extensive research behind Meno Active and the scientific blend of ingredients in each daily dose was what drew me to it, and it has been part of my daily routine ever since. I feel safe in the knowledge that Meno Active is giving me and my body what I need to make this journey a smoother one. It's a fantastic supplement that makes me feel so much better and one I highly recommend.

For those who may be noticing changes in their skin during this time, Meno Active is wonderful for treating and supporting skin from the inside. The inclusion of 350mg of Omega 3 DHA in the formula has many benefits including supporting psychological function. Along with vitamins, minerals, live-friendly bacteria, plant extracts and digestive enzymes this really is a super supplement. I think you can see I'm a big fan!”

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